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Thank you for visiting our San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer Site!  Toni Bailey has photographed over 200 city hall weddings and would love to photograph yours!   Toni has spent over 6 years shooting weddings at this amazing San Francisco venue and has established herself as one of city hall's leading professional wedding photographers.   Her creativity combined with her ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera will make your day go smoothly and trouble free.  After your ceremony, you will be taken on a fun and romantic tour of all 4 floors of city hall.  Toni's experience at this majestic venue will help you and your loved one avoid the crowds.  Choose any of Toni's wedding packages and receive stunning photos from the most beautiful City Hall in the country. She is absolutely committed to creating dream images to last a lifetime!   As a LGBT friendly photography company, our experience with same-sex weddings is second to none.

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We are often asked how a typical city hall photography session works.  In most cases we meet our couple by the Clerks office at city hall before their ceremony check-in time.  We then assist with the entire check-in process including taking some candid pictures to record this very important part of your special day.  It's at this point that you will meet with your officiant and have your witness sign the marriage license.  If you are eloping and it's just the two of you, we are happy to serve as your witness.  This is also an opportunity to photograph the signing of the license.  Once this process is complete, we all head up to the City Hall Rotunda to wait for your Officiant to arrive.  After the ceremony is complete we will photograph you with your friends and relatives with a series of beautiful group shots with the gorgeous architecture of San Francisco City Hall in the background.  Then it's time to take the couple on a photo tour of this amazing building with stops at some of our favorite picture locations.  We are also more than happy to listen to your suggestions and incorporate them into the shoot.  It's your wedding and we would love your input! 

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Helpful Hints for your Wedding Day at City Hall

There are many beautiful locations to get married at in San Francisco City Hall! Listed below are some of the best available weekday ceremony options.

  • Rotunda Weddings - This is the most common place weddings occur. You will meet with your officiant shortly before your ceremony and often be given the choice of getting married in the Rotunda, or the private room. The Rotunda is at the top of the Grand Staircase, but the privacy is limited. People walk by and will occasionally take photos of the ceremony.

  • Private Room - The Private Room offers complete privacy during the ceremony. They keep it available in case of a large private event occurring during your wedding and also for those that request it.

  • The Grand Staircase Wedding - Officiants sometimes offer the top of the staircase or the lower landing for your ceremony site. The Grand Staircase offers a beautiful architecture location but is the least private. The staircase is one of the more popular areas for tourists and other photographers so there is lots of activity.  The grand staircase is also available for reserved weekend weddings.

  • Mayor's Balcony Weddings - This option is available to you for an additional $1000. The Mayor's Balcony is roped off for one hour to provide privacy to you and your guests. This is one of my favorite places to photograph because of the beautiful Rotunda in the background. Reservations need to placed through the City Hall Events Office for this location.

  • Fourth Floor Gallery Weddings - Reserving the 4th Floor Gallery is another option to have a private ceremony for you and your guests. One hour costs an additional $1002. The 4th floor offers the best view of the inside of city hall and is a popular reservation choice. Make sure to book early through the City Hall Events Office if you choose the 4th floor for your ceremony site.

Another option is the San Francisco City Hall Weekend Package offered by City Hall. A two hour reservation costs $5000 and can be booked through the Senior Event Manager. If you want to go all out you can rent San Francisco City Hall Rotunda for 10 hours!

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How do you reserve a wedding date?

You will need to make 2 reservations, one for your marriage license and a second for your ceremony. Both reservations can be made in person at City Hall on weekdays from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.  Or you can schedule your ceremony through the on-line reservation system and can reserve your date as early as 90 days in advance. I would suggest that you reserve your wedding date early if you are choosing to have your ceremony on more popular times of the year. Summer months,  Fall Fridays, and holidays like Christmas and Valentines day can all book up fast.

To reserve the Mayor's Balcony or 4th Floor Gallery for a weekday wedding the cost is an additional $1,002.  These reservations need to be made through the City Hall Events Office.  You can use this same link to book your San Francisco city hall weekend wedding ceremony.

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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography by Toni Bailey has been photographing weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years with over 200 city hall weddings photographed.  Toni has photographed dozens of LBGT / Same-Sex weddings and was one of the early leaders photographing Gay weddings when they finally became legal in San Francisco and the rest of California.   Toni love to focus on capturing San Francisco city hall's magnificent architecture and it shows in her work. We are one of the most sought after professional wedding photographers at San Francisco City Hall and we would be honored to photograph your wedding. Please contact us with any questions, we are happy to help. We look forward to assisting you with planning your City Hall wedding.  To see more beautiful wedding photography, check out Wedding Photography by Michael.

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